About Snuggle Hunny Kids

Who we are
We are a wife and husband duo who, alongside a growing and wonderful team provide a baby and toddler range with beautiful, unique designs and products made from natural fibres and fabrics.

Snuggle Hunny kids has impacted the global baby gift-giving space, our brand giving rise to the popularity of Birth Announcement Photos worldwide, fuelled by our large, engaged online community. Snuggle Hunny Kids has become a destination for all baby and toddler gifting needs. 

Our global audience of 715,000+ includes more than 2000 retailers in over 60 countries and our online store is always open, shipping our products worldwide.


What we do
We believe in great design and high-quality products. Style is important to us. Our unique and beautiful designs are exclusive to our brand. Working directly with artists, we create bespoke prints and turn them into contemporary baby swaddles, organic clothing, organic wraps and more. 

Our focus is on contemporary design and the use of quality materials: merino wool, linen, organic muslin and cotton jersey. Many of our products are GOTS certified organic. and all come packaged for in-store display, designed to co-ordinate and create beautiful gift-giving experiences.  

We are grateful to create products that celebrate the beauty of parenthood and package them together with providing exceptional customer service.

Our Name

Snuggle - The definition of snuggle is to settle, comrfort & soothe. As a mother i found comfort in snuggling and settling my firstborn son of to sleep and he and i found so much comfort in him being snuggly in my arms. I wanted others to feel the way it made me feel.

Hunny - Part of our heritage is maltese & we say "hunini" in the maltese language to our babies as a word of endearment which translates to my darling. So i want to share this with you as a symbol of all our babies. whatever you may call them. Hunny also is a word of endearment for boy or girl.

We are Snuggle Hunny Kids.

More than a brand
We are a community. #snugglehunnykids is a gathering of women around the globe, who support one another and celebrate this part of life together. We gather daily online, to share photos and moments with our newborns, our baby’s milestones and doing it with style. 

Our extended community
We also support NICU and other charitable opportunities, as well as independently audit factories for work conditions. You can read about our sustainability & philanthropy programs here.