About Clementine Kids

While I was pregnant with my daughter Penny, I wanted to
find a way to support my little family through creative
means. Textiles have always been a huge part of my life.
My mother's home was filled with tiny squares of her
favorite textiles from our old clothes and fabrics she'd
found at flea markets. I wanted to create a children's line
that would reflect the tapestry of my life for my daughter
in a playful and beautiful way. With my background in
textile design, I got to work on Clementine Kids. In our
first collection you'll find poppies, my mother's favorite
flower; huckleberries, my late grandfather's favorite treat,
dark fuscia peonies from my mother-in-law's garden, and
of course, clementines: the food I ate everv dav for 9
months as I waited to meet my little girl. This collection is
piece of my life and my heart. It means the world to know
that these blankets are a part of your kid's childhood