About Charlie Crane

Charlie Crane is a Paris-based publisher of baby and children’s furniture. Founded in 2013 by Thomas Lépine, its ambition is to create beautiful and stylish furniture that infuses adult codes into the child’s world and blurs the boundaries of rooms in our current interiors. With Charlie Crane creations, parents are proud to display their children’s furniture throughout the house. The baby rocker is integrated into the living room decoration; the high chair matches the dining room table and chairs and the cot becomes a work of art! Charlie Crane has a real publishing approach. We work first and foremost with designers. This new French generation, which carries with it both the tradition of technical excellence – particularly that of the French pioneers of the 1950s (Prouvé, Perriand, Hitier…) – but also this openness towards multiple foreign influences. In particular the Scandinavian design of the 1950s and 1960s and the recent Vegetal Design. We favour noble and natural materials such as curved wood, which allows complex shapes to be sculpted and round objects to be offered. An ideal sweetness for children. This technique also has the advantage of being much more accurate than assembling wooden parts, which makes it possible to manufacture parts of excellent quality at affordable costs. We will also mention metal, and in particular tubing, which again makes it possible to shape complex and rounded shapes.